Why Scotland should embrace independence – Pat Kane – Channel 4 News

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One year ahead of the independence referendum, Scotland is modern, wealthy and competent enough to embrace the prospect of independence, says writer and musician Pat Kane.

No Scotland‘s insight:

Scotland has an extraordinary opportunity, as a nation of citizens, workers, aspirers, creators and carers, on 18 September 2014. With a simple cross on a ballot paper, in the empty box next to “yes”, we can begin a powerful, exciting journey into the rest of the 21st century.

And we can do that under near-perfect conditions – the envy of any country that has previously sought the full sovereignty of a nation state in order to properly connect up democracy and power.

The basic condition is that we are thoroughly modern. Indeed, via the ideas of the Scottish enlightenment and the innovations of scientific industrialism (from Watt to Clerk Maxwell, from Kelvin to Dolly the sheep’s creator), we are one of the birthplaces of modernity itself.

Independent nation state

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