Scottish independence vote is part of worrying trend

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By Editorial Board, Published: October 30

DOES IT make sense for Scotland to become an independent nation, ending 300 years of union with England and Wales? And would it make any difference to Americans?

The answer to the second question is an unfortunate yes: An independent Scotland would significantly weaken the foremost military and diplomatic ally of the United States, while creating another European mini-state unable to contribute meaningfully to global security. Scottish leader Alex Salmond, who on Oct. 15 sealed an agreement with British Prime Minister David Cameron to hold a referendum on Scottish independence by the end of 2014, says his would-be country would withdraw from NATO, expel British nuclear submarines from its waters and keep an army of 8,000-10,000 soldiers. Though the population of Scotland, at 5.2 million, is less than 10 percent of that of the United Kingdom, some speculate that what remained of Britain could lose its seat on the U.N. Security Council.

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  1. Ken Johnston says:

    Ah yes, the usual imperialist crap, ” says his would-be country” would withdraw from NATO, and expel British nuclear submarines from its waters.
    A nation that has a thousand year history, and its “would be”, like hell.
    You would think they were deliberately setting out to annoy us.
    Don’t think so, their just too f’n thick.

    • martinrturner says:

      It might not be a bad thing if what was left of the UK was to lose it’s place on the UN Security Council. The UK is only on it because it has Nuclear Weapons, or as the Press like to call them, Weapons of Mass Destruction……so long Illegal Wars, Expenses Scandals and £10 million funerals……

  2. The SNP appear now to have decided that an independent Scotland would be part of NATO.

  3. This should not be seen as part of a worrying trend but rather as part of a liberating force. It is in no one’s interest except the powerful bankers to maintain large and expensive armies to apply leverage to weaker countries and in effect steal their resources. Be satisfied with your position in life stand as equals and stop pretending to be tougher than you actually are.


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