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Yes Scotland Update
Friend —

My name is Blair Jenkins.

I am emailing you because I will be leading the Yes Scotland campaign. And I need your help in persuading our fellow Scots to say Yes in the independence referendum. It is only with the help of you and your friends, family and neighbours that we will win.

I passionately believe that our nation will thrive if we make our own decisions about how to run our own affairs. We need to persuade our fellow Scots of that.

I am not a politician. For more than 30 years my professional life has been about impartial journalism. I have been Director of Broadcasting at Scottish Television and Head of News and Current Affairs at both STV and BBC Scotland. I’m not a member of any party and I’ve never engaged in any form of political activity.

The campaign for an independent Scotland is not about politicians. It is about the people of our country having their say. I want to tell you today that Yes Scotland is an all-embracing campaign open to people of all political colours and none. It will not be dominated by party politics. It is just too important for that.

Together, we will make history. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the people of Scotland. Our nation is being asked to make its most important decision for more than 300 years.

I am determined that the Yes Scotland campaign will be run with passion, discipline and integrity. Our guiding principle will be to provide high quality information to the greatest number of Scots so that they can make an informed choice in 2014. (The “Why Vote Yes” section of is just the start of that process of giving you the facts.)

Now that both sides have launched their campaigns, I sincerely hope we can have a sensible and mature debate. I want to run a campaign that all of Scotland can be proud of.

Thank you for your support.


Yes Scotland



  1. Michael Worley says:

    Dear Sir,
    I feel very strongly that all of Great Britain should be entitled to an in/out vote on whether Scotland should break away and become independent.
    All sides will be affected by this vote, not just Scotland.
    Your argument for independence appears flawed to say the least and criticising the Tory government who will quite possibly be defeated at the next general election is futile.
    I believe the union is as strong as ever and will continue for the next 300 years regardless of politics.
    Michael Worley

  2. J M Davidson says:

    You are correct that the real issue is what sort of Scotland do I want. An independent Scotland would be the most left-wing country in Europe, without even a trace of centre-right politics. The comparison with Scandinavian countries is completely spurious; they all elect conservative governments from time to time. Your kind of socialism is certainly not what I want.

  3. nonviolentconflict says:

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