Greens to debate links to Yes Scotland campaign

The Green Party’s Patrick Harvie vented his frustration at being left out of the organisation of the Yes Scotland campaign in a couple of tweets last night.

He later issued a news release on the Green Party website

“If we are to formally sign up as a party we need to know on what terms. We don’t want to end up simply cheerleading for the SNP. It’s entirely possible the membership takes the view that Greens help shape another pro-independence referendum campaign.

“Independence is a chance to change Scotland for the better, not stick with business as usual.”

Yes Scotland was set up and is controlled by the SNP. Mr Harvie accepted an invitation to speak at the launch in May, and signed the campaign declaration but warned that Scots would need a clear, compelling case to vote Yes.

Members of the Scottish Green Party are to be given the opportunity at their conference in October to decide what sort of relationship to have with the SNP’s Yes Scotland campaign.



  1. Chay Jordan says:

    Why let middle England votes control Scotland and the UK, stick with them and we will always have tories and new labour telling us what we can and cannot do

  2. Keith Houston says:

    Sounds like the Scottish Greens are a democratic party that discuss issues before determining policy. It would be good if all political parties in Scotland did that rather than the things their London HQ’s told them.

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