Alex Salmond ignores questions on separate Scotland’s Special Forces

Scottish Conservatives reaction to First Minister’s Questions in The Scottish Parliament, 7th of June 2012

Alex Salmond admitted today that he has no plans in place for a separate Scotland to have its own Special Forces and intelligence service.

At First Minister’s Questions, Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson demanded to know exactly how he would protect Scotland’s vital assets – including North Sea Oil and Gas fields – under independence.

Defence experts including former SAS Deputy Commander Clive Fairweather have warned that it would take years for Scotland to form its own Special Forces regiment at a cost of tens of millions of pounds.

But when asked specifically whether or not Scotland would have Special Forces, MI5, M16 and its own GCHQ monitoring station, the First Minister twice ignored the issue by simply claiming that a separate Scotland would have “a range of forces”.

His refusal to provide an answer comes in the same week that a British aid worker was rescued in Afghanistan in a textbook raid by Special Forces.

Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson MSP said:

“The First Minister’s fag-packet blueprint for defence unveiled in January had one naval base, one air base and one army brigade.

“Special Forces and Intelligence Services were conspicuous only by their absence.

“The SNP’s own defence spokesman Angus Robertson has conceded that it would be imperative to protect our oil and gas fields in a separate Scotland.

“But once again the First Minister has refused to provide a detailed plan of what a separate Scottish defence force would consist of and has shown that he is clueless when it comes to defence matters.

“The first responsibility of government is to protect its people.

“Alex Salmond is falling at the first hurdle of splitting up the UK by not taking Scotland’s defence seriously.

“This is simply not good enough, the First Minister and Angus Robertson are playing fast and loose with Scotland’s future security and the electorate need hard facts before being asked to make the most significant decision in 300 years.”



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