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Top ten films currently showing at Cineworld Fountainpark this weekend

  1. Salmond Fishing in The Yemen
  2. The Irn Bru Lady
  3. Nationalist Velvet
  4. The Damned United
  5. Seven Years in Tarbet
  6. Mrs Broon
  7. True Brit
  8. Independence Day
  9. All The Presidents Men (adapted for the stage)
  10. Play it again Salmond


  1. Scotland no more says:

    It cracks me up when the SNP offer everything free to all when we all know its the UK chancellor that’s paying for it. In an Indie Scotland No More where the banks would have brought the country to its knees Salmond salivates over the prospect of an NHS based on the Scandinavian free to the work shy and cheating the system model- yet ignores the HORRENDOUSLY high taxes paid there and the crazy high cost of living and (unsustainable in Scotland) wages

    Salmond loves being a big fish (sic) in a tiny wee country. He and his uber leftie mate Harvie want to stitch up Scotland, manacled us to these turbine montrosities for decades,ruin our countryside our heritage our tourism our economy, leaving millions in fuel poverty, all for the sake of their pathetic wee power grabs and collosal egos .


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